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Fate Stay Night

thumbnail 1 out of the mist 1 Out Of The Mist thumbnail 2 tohsaka rin 2 Tohsaka Rin thumbnail 3 rider 3 Rider thumbnail 4 rin dodges 4 Rin Dodges thumbnail 5 rider attacks 5 Rider Attacks thumbnail 6 rin taken by surprise 6 Rin Taken By Surprise thumbnail 7 rider misses 7 Rider Misses thumbnail 8 rider captures rin 8 Rider Captures Rin thumbnail 9 rider dominating 9 Rider Dominating thumbnail 10 rider sacrificing rin 10 Rider Sacrificing Rin thumbnail 11 tohsaka seizes the initiative 11 Tohsaka Seizes The Initiative thumbnail 12 rider romantically dangerous 12 Rider Romantically Dangerous thumbnail 13 tohsaka makes a decision 13 Tohsaka Makes A Decision thumbnail 14 tohsaka delivers a fatal blow 14 Tohsaka Delivers A Fatal Blow thumbnail 15 rider shocked 15 Rider Shocked thumbnail 16 rin preparing for next battle 16 Rin Preparing For Next Battle

Rin Tohsaka (Rin Tousaka, Rin Tosaka)

Fate/stay night anime and game, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works anime

Figure manufacturer:
Max Factory


Asai (APSY) Masaki

Figure scale:
non-scale (~1/12)

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