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Blue Archive

When world's unfair
And not for you,
When skies are gray
And you feel blue,

When hopes are lost
And dreams are dead,
When what was happy
Now is sad —

Come sit with us,
And let us show
You world of things
Still yet unknown:

Of schools,
And wolves,
And cats,

And toes,
(And farming mats),

Of markets you should steer clear,
Of bunny suits
(And farming gear),

Of gangs, gourmets, and cooks, and mooks,
Of planting bombs
(And farming books),

Of swimsuits worn to rob a bank,
Of moist thoughts
(And memes as dank)...

Whatever happened —
Let's rewind,
Abandon time
And clear our minds.

Come back from death,
Take a new breath —
Let's go and dive
In Blue Archive;

With guns and gals,
With foes and pals —
Relive your life...
In Blue Archive.

На творческий конкурс Blue Archive Awards. автор: Константин Крыловский ~ дата: 21.05.2022